I want my way

I was putting together a lesson on Naaman from 2 Kings chapter 5 when it occurred to me, and I suppose it already should have, mankind has adopted the same attitude Naaman had when he was told what to do to cleanse himself. Mankind wants to things THEIR way. They have prejudged what God wants out of them and try to satisfy that NOT by doing what is asked, but by doing what they THINK comes close enough without inconveniencing themselves. This has long been a problem for man and just as Naaman was wrong, and allowed his servant to talk him into doing what was prescribed by the prophet Elisha, mankind today needs to set aside what they want to do to please God and do what He has asked us all to do. I would encourage all to read 2 Kings chapter 5 and realize what allowed Naaman to be cleansed was his obedience to God and His prophet and that is the same thing that will allow us to be cleansed today. Our obedience is what is required not anything else.


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