A Lack of Faith?

I recently purchased a few tracts from a religious bookstore and one that caught my eye was titled “Why do people give up?”. That topic seems to be one that we don;t address as much as we probably should. It is one I want to talk about today in this article. One of the reasons that people give up is a lack of, or a weak, faith. This prompts the question “How does one’s faith weaken?” There is an answer to that question that may be one of many. That is the person has an event in their life that does not initially take them away but as they see that situation fail to improve then they give up on God because they feel that God gave up on them. That is unfair to God. What that response does is program how God is to answer our prayers regarding the situation we are praying for and also putting a specific timeframe on God’s response to our prayers. We must understand with ALL situations that God’s timeframe and ours are two different things. God answers prayers as He sees the NEEDS and in HIS time. This is sometimes difficult for mankind to grasp, but our inability to grasp this concept does not mean it is any less true. Jesus prayed in the garden “not my will but thine be done.” When we pray we need to have the same mindset. This will lead us, in turn, to have a stronger faith in God and not allow events that don’t go the way we want them to to drive us from God. What will develop in us is a greater understanding of His will and that will, in turn, lead us to heaven when this life is over. The author of the tract I mentioned at the beginning of this article is Abraham Smith. The tract is produced by Truth books.


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