Are we like God’s people of old?

As we look around us today we see a similar issue cropping up in churches of Christ throughout this country. That issue is a lack of leadership in the local church. I do not mean that there are not men who want to take responsibilities I mean that there are fewer and fewer men who are qualified for the leadership position in the local church. That position is elder. I have written a couple of articles recently on my blog regarding this and as I consider the title of this article I cannot help but think back to the Israelite nation in the days of the judges and the time of the kings after Solomon’s death. These people had the same issue in both times. There would come a generation that knew God and they would fail to teach the next generation and then that generation would leave God. In Judges 2:10 it is written ” When all that generation had been gathered to their fathers, another arose after them who did not know the Lord nor the work which he had done for Israel.” This is right after the death of Joshua and we see this issue develop for God’s people concerning whether they would obey God or not.

This begs the question how can a generation follow one that serves God and not know Him? It has to do with a couple of basic principles. One is a failure to teach and put an emphasis on the importance that goes with learning what is being taught. The other is a failure to listen and within that a failure on the part of the instructor to recognize the lack of listening. I have written articles about teaching and am sure I am not the first person to go over the topic again and again, but this is how things are taught and learned. Repetition is important in any instruction and we should not refrain from this practice in teaching the word of God. As we look at the Israelite nation in the Old Testament we see something lacking in these historical accounts if we look closely. We do not see a lot of verbal instruction from parent to child in this era of time. One of the fundamental problems that faced God’s people was that they became people who took their instruction from the example they saw day-to-day. As New Testament Christians our example is important, I am not trying to diminish that, we also though need to verbalize instruction and make sure that who we are teaching understands that their soul is important to us and God and make sure that they are listening.

God’s people under the Old Law struggled to serve God the way they should have and because of that there was needless pain in their lives. We do not want to be responsible for raising a generation that knew not God let us make every effort in our lives to see to that and the Lord’s body will be strong for generations to come because we will have raised a generation that knows God and knows how to teach God. This is our charge let us take it with great pride and joy. Have a wonderful day in service to our God and Father in heaven.


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