God’s creation

I have taken a little break from posting to take care of my children while my wife finishes some summer classes and am reminded of God’s creation. I wrote about the order of the creation in a blog I posted titled “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.” I look around today and see a beautiful creation and am reminded of the power of God as I see the blue sky and the peach trees in my backyard and the pecan trees in my front yard. I am reminded that our God and father in heaven who has set the order for all things set this as well and we should be reminded of God’s awesome power in this creation. We should also think about the intricate details that show God’s ability as a one who shaped all of this. I was recently at Big Bend National Park in southern Texas for a vacation with my family and was reminded again of the beauty of God’s creation and also thought to myself how powerful a God I serve that could just speak these things into existence. Let us not diminish God’s power by saying that these things were naturally created over millions of years, rather let us understand that by reading our Bibles we can understand that the world is only about 6,000 years old at the max and probably closer to 5,500 years old. The Creator of all of this spoke all of these things into being as we are told in Genesis chapter 1. Take time this weekend to notice the wonderful creation of God around you this weekend.


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