Falling away


I looked up on bible gateway.com what the 10 most read books of the Bible are and I was not really shocked to see that the Psalms and Proverbs were there. Three of the gospels were there with the exception of Mark. Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians and Genesis and Isaiah were there as well. In seeing this list what struck me is that most people want to read about the story of Jesus as well as the creation. When it gets down to the “brass tacks”, as it were, people are not not as interested in the doctrinal issues that Paul wrote about in the rest of his epistles. They are not interested in the writings of the other apostles or James and Jude for that matter. It brings about the idea that most people today only have a small cursory knowledge of the Bible and have not been interested in learning the intricate details of God’s will for man and because of that we have a society like what we live in today. In the epistle of Jude we see an apostasy, or “falling away” predicted by the writer Jude. He warned his readers of the type of attitude these would have and he also gives some advice on things that will help reduce the number that would be susceptible to this “falling away”. The book is short and a necessary read, I believe, for the 21st century Christian as they navigate their way through their day-to-day life in service to God. This “falling away” is still happening today as we see so many denominations that are breaking away from the teachings of the New Testament to teach false doctrines to a world that has heaped to themselves those who would teach what people want to hear rather than teach the truth as the Bible teaches it. If we are to evangelize a lost and dying world then we have to increase the level of expertise we have in the word of God so that we are equipped as Paul encouraged Timothy to be in 2 Timothy 2:15. Have a blessed day in His service.


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