Our Independence Day


On the 4th of July this nation celebrates our independence from England and this is a great celebration throughout the country. What I want to remind us of as we celebrate our country’s independence is our individual independence. Individually we were given the opportunity to be independent from sin when Jesus died on the cross and was risen the third day. We were in bondage to sin with no way to be released from those bonds and then our Savior went to the cross willingly and gave Himself that all might live. John 19:17-30 show the events involving the crucifixion of our Lord. You can also find accounts in Matthew chapter 27, and Mark chapter 15 and Luke chapter 23. My point in this short article is to remind us that we need to put as much effort into remembering our individual independence from sin granted by God and His Son Jesus as we do our nation’s independence. We are to remember our individual independence from sin each and every first day of the week in partaking of the Lord’s Supper. I encourage you to keep these thoughts in your mind today and every day as you walk through this life.


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